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April 2008:

Oh dear! I never thought the day would come when I would be saying thank-you to Pro Life, but how can I possibly ignore the praise he heaped upon me in his ‘comparison’ of the two World Championships in the March issue?

For those who didn’t see it, this is what he wrote:

“I take my hat off to Mr.George. He really did impress when giving his opinions of Glenn Moody, Ted Hankey and bad games…He was truthful and blunt…Gets my vote as the most improved studio man at either event….”

This is not an April Fool’s gag. Honest! This is from the pen of someone who has never to my knowledge said a good word about me. Now he’s said several!

Thank you, Mr.Pro Life whoever you are. I have always been man enough to take criticism, so I am also man enough to take a compliment when it comes my way.

I suspect it is only a blip, but despite his claims, he was very biased about practically everything else he wrote in that article, which sadly was very misleading and Mickey Mouse in content.

When darts was the most watched sport outside of football in January, why does someone within our own sport choose to spoil it?

Yes, I am truthful and blunt. Always have been and always will be. It comes from my old man. But I prefer to describe myself as being honest and telling it the way it is.

The unbiased truth is that both Championships had good games and bad games. Good averages and bad averages. But, at the end of the day they provided hours of televised darts on terrestrial and satellite TV and were good for our players, our officials, our sponsors and our sport.

Why not celebrate that rather than criticise it? I don’t need to be marked out of 10 and neither does anything else. We are not talking about realty shows here, but proper sport – OUR SPORT!


Here’s something else everyone will think is an April Fool’s gag – I recently went to Sainsbury’s in Norwich and raced round the store like Linford Christie (only with a better lunchbox and no help from drugs)!

No, I wasn’t doing the monthly ‘shop’ with Marie (I never have!), but doing a trolley dash in aid of Sports Relief.

Sainsbury’s challenged everyone to do something different for Sports Relief, so I took up the challenge and, in the space of a couple of minutes crammed £2,000 worth of groceries into my trolley!

And what a mess I made doing it (see photo’s)!

I had to laugh when right in the middle of shoving everything from baked beans to biscuits into my overflowing trolley, a little old lady who must have been 80, managed to get past Sainsbury’s staff and everyone watching with her pull along shopping bag.

She looked at me as I took a short ‘breather’ and said: ‘My goodness, you are a very messy shopper!”

Laugh? I nearly dropped my wallet in shock!!!

It was great fun, and I would like to thank Sainsbury’s and all their staff in Norwich for letting me loose in their store.

I think the manager has been traumatised ever since. Apparently most people who are given the trolley-dash challenge end up with around £500 of groceries when they go through the checkout.

I managed to wreck the store and a trolley filled with two grand of groceries was a bit of a shock!

Still, even though I was cream-crackered at the end of it all, Sports Relief are very happy with the donation.


Hope you all did your bit for Sports Relief last month? As well as my Sainsbury’s trolley dash, I also took part in the Ipswich Mile alongside another darts ‘legend’ Keith Deller.

It was great fun starting off with so many enthusiastic runners from Portman Road, home of Ipswich FC, but it was far more tiring than the sprint around Sainsbury’s – even though I was in great shape.

Mind you, it was all in a good cause and everyone had a great time.


Staying with good causes, I was delighted to support the recent Pali Poker charity evening at London’s Café Royal (I’ve been there so many times that the staff all know me and probably think I work there!).

Anyway, the night was devoted to raising money for the Richard House Hospice, which is dedicated to looking after children and young people with cancer, and I am delighted to say that the record breaking donation of £16,000 from the poker evening will pay the wages of a specialist nurse for a year.

The wonderful people who run Richard House and the many other hospices throughout the country, should be funded by Government, the Lottery or some other national body, but sadly they are aren’t and so they have to depend on supporters like Pali Poker.

I am delighted to say that the raffle and darts alone contributed £2,155 to the overall pot, and I was more than happy to donate £500.

My congratulations to Patrick Egan, Chief Operating Officer at Pali International Ltd for devoting the evening to Richard House, and also to Hywel Probert and all the dedicated staff at Richard House for everything they do for the children and young people in their care.


It’s a busy month for the England Darts Organisation with the BDO British Internationals in Scotland over the weekend of April 5th and 6th, and the first ever England Open under the EDO banner from April 11th to 13th.

England go to the Normandy Cosmopolitan Hotel in Renfrew still smarting from their defeat in the Six Nations Cup by Wales, but they do have a strong record in the Internationals because the men are unbeaten since 2001 and the ladies since 1999.

They will both make big scalps for host nation Scotland or the in-form Welsh team. Although I am slightly biased in favour of England, the Internationals always produce great darts and excitement, so may the best team win!


I will be hosting the EDO’s England Open, which is being sponsored by Bunn Leisure and played at their park in Selsey, West Sussex.

Little Richard Ashdown is the MC/referee for the weekend and the two England captains, Martin Adams and Trina Gulliver will be doing darts exhibitions.

To help swell the EDO coffers, I will be playing two Legs With Bobby featuring a man and woman picked from the audience, so start practising now!

With over £15,000 in prize money, the winners of the Men’s and Women’s Singles will pick up a very handy two grand each!

The Men’s Pairs, Women’s Pairs and Mixed Pairs all have top prozes of £500 each, and the youngsters will have a share of £200 in holiday vouchers.

It’s a lovely mix of serious and ‘fun’ darts for all the family and I look forward to seeing you all there.


Must tell you a story that is ideal as an April Fools gag….In 2002 on a trip to Ireland I came across a Leprechaun at the end of a rainbow. He told me that I could have a pot of gold, but when I told him I had enough bling, he offered to grant me any wish I wanted.

Well, I told him that I wanted a four foor Dick with a good head, and I ended up with Little Richard Ashdown!


There was lots of fun to be had at the Seacroft Holiday Village at Hemsby a few weeks ago. I was invited there, along with Trina Gulliver, by Isle-of-Wight Tours and the whole weekend was for the NPTSA (the National Passenger Transport Sports Association) and it turned out to be a great weekend of darts, fun and meeting lots of lovely people (see photo).

Special thanks to Shirley Winn, Managing Director of Isle of Wight tours, not only for looking after us so well and supporting darts, but also for being a lovely lady.

Which brings me to the end of yet another busy and varied column. Be lucky and May The Darts Be With You.



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