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At 16 Bobby could stand and press 265lbs. His party trick was to lift a112lbs sack of cement and push above his head 10 times with one hand.Two bags of cement 224lb 10 times with two hands. More recently Bobby took part in Celebrity Fit Club showing he still has what it takes.

In the 80's the Canadian Arm Wrestling Champion challenged Bobby at arm wrestling - Bobby beat him!

Bobby is a Master builder his trades include:

Plastering/Welding/Granite floor laying/lay all types of floors/ woodwork/bricklaying/roofing/painting & decorating.

His skills also include Car panel beater and sprayer/upholsterer/JCB driver/360 digger driver/HGV driver

Bobby can cook Thai/Chinese/Indian food

Bobby can also breathe through his ears!!!

4 things Bobby knows he can't do:

Fill and drill his own teeth!

Have a baby!


Look up his arse without a mirror!


Bobby has sung on stage with Diana Ross and the Four Tops at the Hilton in Las Vegas

Bobby has also sung with Leo Sayer - with Leo sitting on his shoulders - also at the Hilton in Las Vegas

Bobby's first ever MC was Roy 'Chubby' Brown

When Bobby first saw Marie he said to his mate 'I'm gonna marry that girl' he did three years later!

Bobby is a keen fisherman.

Bobby built George Hall himself which boasts 18 bedrooms.


Bobby is a keen gardener and grows his own plants and flowers from seed

Bobby's favourite food - Chinese/Indian

Likes cheese and biscuits and raw onion

Enjoys watching athletics/motor racing/weight lifting

Favourite group - Beatles

Loves news/wildlife/space/history documentary's

Favourite TV sitcom - Only Fools and Horses

Loves his job - exhibitions - made his living out of the game for 33 years


Very much enjoys his TV pundit job - everything is off the cuff and live! luvverly jubberly.


Bobby and Marie love their animals - they have 5 dogs, 1 cat, 2 African Grey parrots, 4 turtles, 2 water dragons and of course all the fish in the lakes!!!

The dogs are named-  TWOPEE,VISA,GILDA, FIVER and CASH

The cat -  DOLLAR.

The parrots are GEORGE and CHELSEA.

The fish are all called FISH

Most of all loves being at home with the family and his beloved George Hall and Lakes.



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